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Met-Pro Technologies LLC, which is now a part of the CECO Environmental family of companies, is unparalleled in its global leadership of product recovery/pollution control, fluid handling, and filtration/purification technologies. While many companies focus on one of these areas, Met-Pro has distinguished itself as a single source that specializes in all three.

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Product Recovery/Pollution Control Technologies

Our Product Recovery/Pollution Control Technologies businesses, which include Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions and Strobic Air Corporation, provide innovative solutions and a diverse line of products for the collection of particulate and the purification of air including Duall® and Bio-Reaction® brand air quality and odor control solutions; Flex-Kleen® and Duall® brand dry and wet dust collection and product recovery solutions; Met-Pro Systems and Bio-Reaction® brand VOC removal solutions; and Strobic Air® laboratory fume hood exhaust systems and controls. Met-Pro Environment Air Solutions also provides an experienced, single source for servicing and maintaining all air pollution control equipment, Met-Pro Industrial Services.

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Fluid Handing Technologies

Met-Pro's Fluid Handing Technologies business consists of Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions, which through its internationally recognized Dean Pump®, Fybroc® and Sethco® brands, offers a comprehensive line of high quality centrifugal pumps that handle corrosive, abrasive or high temperature liquids. These pumps provide excellent performance for tough applications including pumping of acids, brines, caustics, bleaches, seawater, high temperature liquids and a wide variety of waste liquids for a broad range of applications including the chemical, petrochemical, metal finishing, wastewater treatment, desalination and aquarium/aquaculture markets.

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Filtration/Purification Technologies

Our Filtration/Purification Technologies businesses, which include Keystone Filter and Mefiag® Filtration, offer filters and cartridges for industrial and residential air and liquid filtration; and a complete line of horizontal disc, cartridge, bag, carbon, and oil absorbing filters and Carbolux® carbonate precipitators for tough, corrosive applications.

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