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Keystone Filter has been one of the premier custom pleaters and custom filter cartridge manufacturers in the United States since 1965. Keystone Filter also manufactures a wide range of standard filtration products for industrial, commercial and residential markets. These filter products include industrial liquid filters and systems, home drinking water filters, filter cartridges and housings.

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Solutions & Products

Keystone Filter offers unique capabilities for design and production of custom filtration solutions. We also provide wide range of air, liquid, and gas filtration products for industrial and commercial markets including skidded filtration systems, complete filters, filter housings, replacement cartridges and a recently added line of UV solutions. As a leading manufacturer of home drinking water filters and solutions, Keystone Filter offers a complete line of standard filters, GIANTĀ® filters and whole house filters plus replacement cartridges, parts and accessories.

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Markets Served

Keystone provides products to many high end customers including the United States military and the nuclear and aircraft industries. Other markets include industrial high purity, food and beverage, printing, liquid recycling, process water treatment and potable/drinking water filtration.

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